Your consultation

Your initial appointment lasts about an hour.  During this time we listen to your concerns, your expectations of the consultation and review your current nutrition and lifestyle.

You recieve a plan tailored to achieve your goals and suit your specific needs – your food preferences, lifestyle and budget.  Other information, tips and tricks is provided as required.  We then meet again to review your progress.

Follow up appointments: Follow up appointments provide the support and encouragement to help keep you motivated to achieve your lifestyle goals.   We discuss what has gone well and any challenges and provide further strategies to help you reach your goals.

The number and frequency of appointments can vary depending on your needs and the amount of information and support you would like from us.   Chat with your dietitian about what is best for you.

You can save money with our appointment packages.

What to bring with you:  When you book with us you will be emailed or posted a food and activity diary as well as a form to collect some details.  Please bring this to your appointment, along with

  • A list of any medications
  • Any supplements
  • Any blood tests or letters from your doctor
  • Any specialist food or drink you have e.g protein drinks
  • Yourself and a support person if you like

Rates & cancellation policy